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South Dakota, a Boutique Mecca?

Thoughts of South Dakota to most American’s means wide open prairie, the desolate but beautiful Badlands, Mount Rushmore or the endless signs for Wall Drug.

One thought South Dakota may not drum up however, is boutique shopping.

Fashion and the prairie may not sound like they go hand in hand, but South Dakota has grown quite the community of fashionable Midwestern women on the hunt for the unique.

Location makes no difference, whether it’s Main Street in a quaint prairie town hours away from any suburban area, or just a click away online to some of the largest boutiques in the country, South Dakota has a new reputation for boutiques.

We dove a little deeper into the prairie and took a look at what makes this state’s fashion community thrive.

Stylish Sioux Falls

Living in the Midwest makes you accustomed to a few things. Winters will be cold, drives will be long and people will be friendly.   The ‘hub’ of eastern South Dakota, Sioux Falls, is known for it’s stylish millennial, bustling nightlife, and appreciation for boutiques.

Located in Sioux Falls, a number of boutiques catering to a classic yet casual style, with a bit of country edge.

From trendy, affordable boutiques like Chelsea’s and AMaVo, to brand-name shops like Threads by Simply Perfect, Dirt Road Diamond, or J Ella, carrying Free People, Good hYOUman and BedStu, Sioux Falls is brimming with boutiques.

South Dakota Boutiques | The Boutique Hub

AMaVo, located is Sioux Falls is built around faith, community, giving back and expressing yourself in a positive light. AMaVo Boutique carries affordable, on trend lines including shoes, decor and accessories.

South Dakota Boutiques | The Boutique Hub

An upscale shopping experience, Dirt Road Diamond offers exclusive brands and luxury boutique fashion that are not found elsewhere in the state.

South Dakota Boutiques | The Boutique Hub

Carrying brands like The Giving Keys and Cupcakes and Cashmere, J Ella Boutique has a feminine and classic upscale feel, with a touch of whimsy.

South Dakota Boutiques | The Boutique Hub

Located just outside of Sioux Falls, and serving the area is South Dakota’s favorite fashion truck, The Paisley Pod.

South Dakota Boutiques | The Boutique Hub

Vintage has certainly gone mainstream and ELOFSON knows the game. Their mix of vintage chic and eclectic cool create an opportunity for unique blends of fashion in Sioux Falls.

South Dakota Boutiques | The Boutique Hub

Threads by Simply Perfect is home to popular brands like Free People, BedStu and Kut from the Kloth, perfect for the classic cut meets bohemian woman.

South Dakota Boutiques | The Boutique Hub

Chelsea’s Boutique and SHUES by Chelsea’s are staples of trendy, affordable shopping in Sioux Falls.

Chelsea’s Boutique began in Chamberlain, but moved to Sioux Falls a few years ago. Owner Chelsea Tracy is proud of her store’s laid back shopping atmosphere.

“We want everyone to feel comfortable, our mission is all about empowering women and to ‘be your own beautiful’,” Says Tracy.

Because of the thriving fashion and shopping atmosphere in Sioux Falls, Tracy soon opened a second location just five doors down from the boutique, called SHUES (Stylish. Honest. Unique. Empowering and Stunning), selling shoes.

“SHUES is the destination woman go to after finding an outfit at Chelsea’s Boutique,” added Tracy.

As far as saturation goes, it appears on all fronts that there is enough demand to keep everyone happy, whether it’s an in store visit, or the unlimited opportunity to expand online.

South Dakota Boutiques | The Boutique Hub

Located just outside of Sioux Falls, Beautique Boutique makes it’s home in Brandon.  Don’t let this small town shop fool you, it’s almost 158,000 Facebook fans from across the country are fiercely loyal.

Small Town Success

Main Streets across rural America each have a unique set of charming characteristics.

The small towns in eastern South Dakota have a one in common, that perhaps only southern communities can rival. No matter the community size, Main Streets are anchored with local boutiques serving communities as small as 1,000 residents, but also serving a bustling online business reaching women worldwide.

South Dakota Boutiques | The Boutique Hub

Tea, South Dakota, population of 4,400 is home to online and store front favorite, Laurie Belle’s Boutique.  Perfect for daytime casual or date night favorites, shoes and accessories, this shop is a popular destination.

South Dakota Boutiques | The Boutique Hub

In a community with a mere 3700 residents lies The Mason Jar Boutique with a significant 137,000 Facebook fans alone. This popular online destination doesn’t let it’s location fool anyone, fashion doesn’t care about your rural population.

South Dakota Boutiques | The Boutique Hub

Highway 26 Apparel is located in Redfield, South Dakota with a population of 2300. Known for it’s trendy pieces, affordable price points and casual yet chic nature, this shop is a local and online draw.

South Dakota Boutiques | The Boutique Hub

Perhaps the most well known of all, Filly Flair Boutique has become one of the most well known boutiques online, with nearly 1 Million Facebook followers. Started as a hobby in a community with less than 1000 residents, Filly Flair has know grown to a major warehouse space, local store front and second storefront in Sioux Falls.

A Taste for the West

With a rich history and culture rooted in the American west, Native American Culture and the sport of rodeo, there’s a strong presence of western and country chic fashion in South Dakota.

From mobile boutiques created by rancher’s wives traveling to a new show on the weekends, to boutiques born in local salons and setting up at the Super Bowl of rodeo, the National Finals in Las Vegas, there is no shortage of western influence in South Dakota.

South Dakota Boutiques | The Boutique Hub

Mitchell, South Dakota’s Cowgirl Crush, XO is a favorite for those with a taste for mainstream textures and styles meet country chic details.

South Dakota Boutiques | The Boutique Hub

Sage and Silver in Rapid City, has a beautiful collection of Native American inspired designs, one of a kind squash blossoms and rodeo fashion inspired fringe, serape, beadwork and silver.

South Dakota Boutiques | The Boutique Hub

Traveling to the WNFR in Las Vegas annually, The Bombshell Salon, Spa and Boutique are known nationally for their sassy combinations and flair for mixing boho, retro and western fashion in to statement styles.

When asked about South Dakota fashion and how The Bombshell relates, owner Candace Vollmer said “South Dakota certainly loves boutiques and has a casual yet chic style. I do wish they would get a bit more wild or unique with their style, that’s where we fit in.”

Vollmer travels across the country to rodeo related events, bringing her unique finds back to the prairie.

“We travel to the WNFR and the PBR Finals annually, our customers are incredibly loyal from across the country,” said Vollmer.

What is it about South Dakota?

“I think the fact that Sioux Falls is a midwestern city that still has the “small town nice” mentality really plays a role in our business. We truly want to get to know our customers on a personal level so we can help them pick out the perfect outfit that’s going to make them feel both confident and beautiful,” added Tracy of Chelsea’s Boutique.

“In small towns, everyone is extremely supportive and willing to help in any way possible. South Dakotans are very personable and they genuinely care to support small businesses,” said Baylee Groos, owner of Urban Arrow Boutique, an online boutique out of rural Coleman.

While most may consider New York, L.A. or Miami as fashion hub’s, perhaps there’s something to say for the Midwest.

It’s the people.

It’s the appreciation for supporting small business owners, finding something unique and not letting what others tell you get in the way.

Your physical location bears no weight on your appreciation for fashion and community size certainly makes no difference either.

Take it from South Dakota, living in a small town doesn’t make you any less fashionable, it makes you cherish it.  This boutique mecca has plenty of style to go around.



We want to hear about the boutique community where you live.

Tell us about it at [email protected], we think every community and every man, woman or child deserve to choose to shop small and stay stylish! 


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