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Spring Style Preview

For the first time in our lives, we’re looking forward to Monday. Why? Well, it’s the first day of Spring, silly!

This Spring is proving to be one of the trendiest ever, with new fashions coming in each of this season’s top colors.

Pantone Spring 2017 | The Boutique HubPantone Spring 2017 | The Boutique HubSo what are this Spring’s hottest trends?

Blush, embroidery, frayed denim, slip on sneakers, pleats, velvet, sunglasses, cold-shoulders, sun hats, sheer, and patched pieces.

We worked hard to find a couple different pieces in each trend so that regardless of your personal style, you’ll be able to find something to throw into the mix. We can’t wait to hear which are your favorite picks below!


Sideline Sass | The Boutique HubThe Lizzie Dress- $34
Sideline Sass

Southern Sol | The Boutique Hub

Maya Top- $32.50
Southern Sol


Nest Boutique | The Boutique HubAlmost Summer Top- $46
Nest Boutique

Sexy Modest Clothing | The Boutique Hub
Miranda Boho Top- $36.99
Sexy Modest Clothing

Frayed Denim

Pink Slate Boutique | The Boutique HubRaw Hem Light Denim- $44
Pink Slate Boutique

Frey Boutique | The Boutique HubDark Denim Frayed Bottom Shirt Dress- $52.99
Frey Boutique

Slip-On Sneakers

Small Town Girl Boutique | The Boutique HubRose Gold Sneakers- $38
Small Town Girl Boutique

Such Panache | The Boutique HubZoe Slip-on Sneaker- $39
Such Panache


Red Dress | The Boutique Hub

Fun Rose Pink Pleated Skirt- $34
Red Dress Boutique

Piace Boutique | The Boutique HubPretty as a Pearl Dress- $44
Piace Boutique


Woolies Clothier | The Boutique HubLovell Velvet Blazer- $70
Woolies Clothier

Vestique | The Boutique HubOn the Velvet Track Sneakers- $34
Vestique Boutique


Jess Lea Boutique | The Boutique HubAva Cat Eye Sunglasses- $14
Jess Lea Boutique

The Loft | The Boutique HubNice Girl Sunnies- $14.95
The Loft Boutique


Stella B | The Boutique HubMykonos Print Off the Shoulder- $38
Stella B Clothing

Lotus Boutique | The Boutique HubShape of You Ruffle Cold Shoulder Dress- 35.50
Lotus Boutique


Junky Trunk Boutique | The Boutique HubDo Not Disturb Sun Hat- $19.90
Junky Trunk Boutique

Ellie | The Boutique HubSandy Tan Beach Hat- $19
Ellie Boutique


Envy Boutique | The Boutique HubLace Up Sheer Skirt- $39.95
Envy Boutique

Kiki La Rue | The Boutique HubJennifer Lace Tank- $36
Kiki La Rue


Bare Anthology | The Boutique HubInto Space Denim Bomber- $55
Bare Anthology

Rockin' A Design | The Boutique HubBoss Lady Ball Cap- $34
Rockin’ A Design

Which of these spring 2017 trends are you loving most? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us in our Shop The Best Boutiques Facebook group, you can even post an ISO (In Search Of) in the group to find more from hundreds of boutiques inside!


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Hero Image Photo Credit: @rodeovogue

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