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What’s the number one reason boutiques don’t get enough online traffic?

Remember that old adage, “Fail to Plan and you will Plan to Fail”? 

Well in terms of marketing, it couldn’t be more spot on!  The biggest fail we see boutique owners make on a daily basis is to have no content or promotional calendars and plans.  Just like eyeliner, they’re winging it.

Social media doesn’t work by winging it, it’s about understanding how the algorithm works and using that in your favor. It’s knowing how to build engagement on non-sales posts which in turn lead more views on actual sale content when you post it.

This is a journey I want to take with you over the next several weeks both in and out of our Membership Community for boutiques and brands at The Boutique Hub. A conversation about the things you post on social media and why you post them.

Let’s start with this — a simple plan, or at least knowing HOW to make a plan. 

Marketing Content Calendars

A social media content calendar is the first step to get your creative brain connected to your logical, traffic and revenue building brain to plan what you’ll promote, post and share across all marketing mediums.

We created a handy Boutique & Brand Marketing Content Calendar just for our Members at The Hub (grab it in your Training Library), or as a treat, download a copy if you’re new to the community! 

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You can use our sample calendar here, or simply grab an ‘old school’ wall calendar (ps. How old does this make us?) and start by noting first the ‘major’ holidays and promotions you plan to run throughout the year.

  • Christmas Season Events
  • Black Friday
  • Small Business Saturday
  • New Years Events
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter

And so on.   Plan what you know is biggest and comes every year at the same time.

Next, add all of the ‘secondary’ promotions or holidays to your calendar. The ones that are season based, social media holidays, or local events.

  • Game Day Season
  • Spring Break
  • Your Store Anniversary
  • 4th Of July Events
  • National Wine Day (ummm yes.)
  • National Kiss Your Unicorn Day  (why not?)

Once you have the promotional dates you see fit throughout the year, you can use our Boutique Content Calendar to note what type of promotion you want to run, and on what dates, along with track how it performed.  

Tracking is CRUCIAL because after you’ve used a calendar for a year, you’ll be able to save it for next year to start with a full list of ideas. Take this a step further by doing an overlay your marketing plans with your actual week to week sales numbers.  This will allow you to see the direct cause and effect of your planning and your promotions. It will  help you to be better prepared for droughts and windfalls in business as each month comes and goes.

Last step.

Once your year is laid out, now you can get specific each month with exact dates of production deadlines, photo shoots along with shot lists and props, email marketing dates and topics, Facebook Ad durations, and daily social media content.

Once you have a plan #BoutiqueBoss….hello less stress and more traffic. 

Now to master what to post on social media, when, why, and to what platform, stay tuned.

Cheers #BoutiqueBoss,


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