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Adding a Blazer Into Your Closet

When you invest in your wardrobe, the payoff can be huge!

There are few things more essential in a closet than a blazer. Using it for a powerhouse meeting, interview, or a casual everyday look, a blazer can offer versatile and limitless options while providing a classic and timeless style. Blazers come in classic cuts, styles with modern twists, a classic black or white, colors and patterns. 

If you have yet to find the perfect blazer, or are looking to update yours, here are 4 options we found for you to browse and fall in love with!

Boho Bus | The Boutique Hub

Boho Bus | $28Jess Lea Boutique | The Boutique Hub

Jess Lea Boutique | $49.99


Soul Revival Boutique | The Boutique Hub


Soul Revival Boutique | $79.95



Blue Door Boutique | The Boutique Hub

Blue Door Boutique | $46


Which one did you pick? If you love to shop, be sure to join our Shop the Best Boutiques group on Facebook, where you can shop the best of our boutiques, all in one place!

Hero Image Photo Credit: Soul Revival Boutique

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