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A Brand New Bag

We all know buying a new purse is like buying a new bestie… It has to fit perfectly with you, hold all your baggage tightly inside, not roll their eyes when you’re out shopping AGAIN, be durable, the list goes on and on! Whether you’re someone who buys a purse and uses it to the end, or you switch yours daily according to your outfit, your bag holds all the important things you bring with you into the world and we get that!

A change in seasons usually means a few things… Spring cleaning, switching from hot lattes to iced Americanos, boots for sandals, and a new purse. We peeked around some of our favorite boutiques for new purse inspo, whether you’re out shopping locally or window shopping online, we hope you love these picks!


Be Yourself Boutique || The Boutique Hub

Be Yourself Boutique || Striped Purse $48


Shop Punchys || The Boutique Hub

Shop Punchys || Two Tone Leather Crossbody Bag $178


The Pink Buffalo || The Boutique Hub

The Pink Buffalo || Fringe Crossbody Purse $34.99


Nora Gray || The Boutique Hub

Nora Gray || Coleen Backpack $56


What do you look for in a new purse? Pockets? Space? Accessibility? Color? Let’s hear it in the comments below! If you’re on the hunt for a purse, come join our growing group on Facebook, Shop the Best Boutiques! Shop your favorite boutiques all in one place!

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