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Peace, Love & Rock n Roll Baby

“We built this city on rock n roll” – Starship

Need some outfit inspiration for your next rock concert?! We’re here to help with that! The first thing that comes to mind to do some serious rocking out is denim and leather. And the perfect way to pull that look off is a vintage band tee, denim skirt, and some strappy leather sandals! If you don’t have a band tee, no worries! You can wear a trendy smocked tank, paired with a loose fitting denim jacket.

Here are some of our favorite essential pieces for your next rock concert outing!

Ella Bloom | The Boutique HubElla Bloom || AC/DC Tee $49.00


“Rock n Roll might not solve your problems, but it does let you dance all over them.” – Pete Townshend


Hallelu | The Boutique HubHallelu || Greatest Hits Skort – Denim Blue $42.00


“It’s all happening…” – Penny Lane


Libby Story | The Boutique HubLibby Story || Day Tripper Denim Jacket $ 42.50


“Rock n roll is a nuclear blast of reality in a mundane world where no-one is allowed to be magnificent.” –Kim Fowley


Cocorose | The Boutique HubCocorose || Smocking Hot Crop Top  $ 28.00


“Rock n roll is here to stay.” -Neil Young


Bluetique | The Boutique HubBluetique || Festival Ready Denim Shorts $43.99


“Welcome to the jungle” – Guns n’ Roses


The Uptown Boutique | The Boutique HubThe Uptown Boutique || Major Moves Heeled Sandals $ 34.00

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Hero Image: Cocorose Boutique

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