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The Boutique Awards | 2018 Winners

After 300,000+ votes were cast, one thing is for certain….

There is nothing else like shopping in boutiques! They are fashion for every woman, a friendly face, a great experience, and the lifeblood of cities and towns around the world. And YOU love shopping with them!


After nearly 3,000 nominees – close to 200 boutiques of all types, from the US, Canada, and Australia were chosen by their fans as the best in business. Plus, the top 5 winners in our Global Boutique of the Year category!

Supporting small businesses and independent fashion boutique owners is defying what the media calls a ‘retail apocalypse,’ in a big way. Over the past month or so, we’ve watched in awe as boutique shoppers from across the globe have gathered together to celebrate their favorite stores–stores that supply women, men and children of all styles, ages, budgets and sizes with clothing, accessories and home goods. 

These boutiques have been able to prove that the world of small business retail is alive and well; as these businesses are able to provide shoppers with a unique experience, a wide variety of products, unbeatable service, and most importantly, long-lasting, personal connections with their customers.

We celebrate you and salute you, the WINNERS of the 2018 Boutique Awards, and all the stores who participated through the entire Awards process.

Cheers to a fabulous year ahead! 

Meet these 2018 Winners here: https://theboutiqueawards.com/results/2018


Overall: Madison and Mallory
Runner-Up: Jennaration

Overall: Madison and Mallory
Storefront: Jennaration
Online: Madison and Mallory
Childrens: Sprout Kids LLC
Mobile: The Tiny Closet Boutique

Overall: Adonia
Storefront: Adonia

Overall: Luxxe B.
Storefront: Luxxe B.
Online: Southwest Bedazzle Boutique
Mobile: Katybug’s

Overall: The Lemon Tree Boutique
Storefront: The Lemon Tree Boutique
Online: The Red Hanger Boutique
Childrens: Blue Marie Boutique

Storefront: BOMBSHELLS
Online: Adelyn ELaine’s
Childrens: Blaze + Wander
Mobile: Michelle’s Fab Finds

Overall: Love on a Hanger
Storefront: Love on a Hanger
Online: CC Reese Boutique
Mobile: Acey Designs, LLC

Overall: Olive Gypsy Boutique
Storefront: Pearls & Plaid
Online: Olive Gypsy Boutique

Overall: Nicole J Boutique
Storefront: Nicole J Boutique
Online: Stubborn Soul

Overall: Prep Obsessed
Storefront: Look Charmed
Online: Prep Obsessed
Childrens: Bea & Louise Boutique
Mobile: Casey Creek Southern Boutique

Overall: The Exchange
Storefront: The Exchange
Online: The Lace Tulip Boutique
Childrens: Hooligans Baby and Kids Boutique
Mobile: Rolling Ranch Boutique

Overall: Gemma’s Treasure
Storefront: The Blue Mermaid Boutique
Online: Gemma’s Treasure

Overall: the FRINGED pineapple
Storefront: Rural Haze
Online: Lettie Boutique
Mobile: the FRINGED pineapple

Overall: Simple Blessings Boutique
Storefront: Simple Blessings Boutique
Online: Glamour Farms Boutique
Mobile: Penny Loafers & Pearls

Overall: Brooch Boutique
Storefront: Brooch Boutique
Online: Magnolia Boutique
Mobile: HG’s Closet

Overall: The Pink Pig
Storefront: The Pink Pig
Online: Bad Habit Boutique
Childrens: Sugar-N-Spice
Mobile: The Humming Arrow

Overall: Ranchin’ Misfits
Storefront: Pearls & Curls Boutique
Online: Ranchin’ Misfits

Overall: The Mud Honey’s
Storefront: The Mud Honey’s
Online: The Pink Lily Boutique
Childrens: Dazzled Babies Boutique

Overall: The Frilly Magnolia
Storefront: The Frilly Magnolia
Online: The Dixie Dandelion

Overall: The Lace Vixen Boutique
Storefront: The Lace Vixen Boutique

Overall: Stevie Lynn’s Bowtique
Storefront: Stevie Lynn’s Bowtique
Online: The Pink Silhouette
Mobile: Hillbetty Bliss

Overall: Little Anchor Boutique
Storefront: Calico
Online: Little Anchor Boutique

Overall: Bellawoods
Storefront: Sweetlees Boutique
Online: Bellawoods
Mobile: Cowgirl Dreams Co

Overall: Laney Lu’s Boutique
Storefront: Laney Lu’s Boutique
Online: Chic Avenue Boutique
Mobile: Whatnot Boutique

Overall: Zelda Rose Boutique
Storefront: Zelda Rose Boutique
Online: Mad Mary’s Boutique
Childrens: Beyond The Rainbow

Overall: Two Saved Sisters Boutique
Storefront: Two Saved Sisters Boutique
Online: Heart of Dixie Boutique
Mobile: Rustic Honey

Overall: Roe River Clothing
Storefront: Blonde Streak Boutique
Online: Twisted Bliss Boutique
Mobile: Roe River Clothing

Overall: Lilee Louise Boutique
Storefront: Lilee Louise Boutique
Online: Rose Grace Boutique
Childrens: Little Mango Children’s Boutique
Mobile: Ranch Rebel

Overall: Buckaroo Boutique
Storefront: Buckaroo Boutique
Online: Ritzy & Rustic Boutique
Mobile: Envi Me

New Jersey
Overall: Topaz & Seven
Storefront: Sunshine & Pineapples Boutique
Online: Topaz & Seven
Childrens: Little Fashionista Boutique

New Mexico
Overall: The Cinchy Cowgirl
Storefront: The Cinchy Cowgirl
Online: Get A Little Western
Childrens: Miss & Mr Children’s Boutique
Mobile: The Dyed Poppy Boutique

New York
Overall: Rose and Boom Boutique
Storefront: Rose and Boom Boutique
Childrens: Macked Boutique

North Carolina
Overall: Kaley Jase Boutique
Storefront: Cute Closet Boutique
Online: Kaley Jase Boutique
Mobile: The Southern Loft

North Dakota
Overall: Jenz Trendz
Storefront: KooKoo’s Nest
Online: Loft21 Boutique
Childrens: Tinee and Trendee

Overall: Everyday Chic Boutique
Storefront: Everyday Chic Boutique
Online: LeiMarie Limited
Childrens: Humble Bumble
Mobile: Farm Wife Threads

Overall: Okie Aussie Boutique
Storefront: The Hayloft Boutique
Online: Okie Aussie Boutique
Childrens: Goldie Marie’s Boutique
Mobile: Lucy & Co Curvy Boutique

Overall: Ella Lane
Storefront: Rachelle M Rustic House of Fashion
Online: Ella Lane
Childrens: SunnyPatch Boutique
Mobile: Katie’s Coast to Coast

Overall: Love Obsessed
Storefront: Love Obsessed
Online: Gypsy Rayne Boutique
Childrens: The Cabbage Patch

Rhode Island
Overall: Sass and Sparkle Mobile Boutique
Storefront: Flaunt Boutique
Mobile: Sass and Sparkle Mobile Boutique

South Carolina
Overall: Southern Fried Chics
Storefront: Preppy Pineapple
Online: Southern Fried Chics
Childrens: It’s A Girl Thing Tween Boutique
Mobile: Sweet Southern Sassyfrass

South Dakota
Overall: Filly Flair
Storefront: Beautique
Online: Filly Flair
Childrens: Sparkle & Sass Boutique
Mobile: The Paisley Pod

Overall: Everly Blu
Storefront: Everly Blu
Online: The Black Peony Boutique
Childrens: Pearls and Patches LLC
Mobile: Emerson Kate Boutique

Overall: The Lace Cactus
Storefront: Bar T Boutique
Online: The Lace Cactus
Childrens: Blessings and Butterflies
Mobile: Antlers and Lace

Overall: Jourdan’s Jewels
Storefront: Big Bratt Boutique
Online: Jourdan’s Jewels

Overall: Absolutely Southern Designs
Storefront: Ltd7
Online: Absolutely Southern Designs
Mobile: Veranda 804

Overall: Nobody’s Girl
Storefront: Lay z Rose Boutique
Online: Rebel Hart Co
Childrens: The Ruffled Cupcake
Mobile: Nobody’s Girl

West Virginia
Overall: Willow Run Boutique
Storefront: Tribal Mountain
Online: Willow Run Boutique

Overall: Ana Blair’s Boutique
Storefront: Ana Blair’s Boutique
Online: Boot Lovers

Overall: Allure Boutique
Storefront: Allure Boutique
Online: The Desperado Depot
Childrens: Rusty Soul

Overall: Buckaroo Boutique
Storefront: Distinctly Western
Online: Buckaroo Boutique

Overall: Lavender & Lace Boutique
Storefront: Twisted Label
Online: Lavender & Lace Boutique

To everyone who participated, THANK YOU.

The Boutique Awards was meant to lift our collective voices as a boutique fashion community to spread the importance of shopping small, and what it means to work with businesses who employ local families, pay local taxes, build new dreams and support causes worldwide.

To keep up with these winners, their stories, and our favorite products and trends in boutique fashion, make sure you are on our VIP list of boutique addicts! We’ll even pass along 20+ boutique coupons when you sign up!

If you are a boutique owner wishing to participate in 2019, stay tuned to www.theboutiquehub.com and our communities of over 8,000 boutique owners, brands, vendors and industry insiders. You can also join us here for much more www.theboutiquehub.com/join

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