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Faux-Get About It: Fur Done Right

How are you embracing the faux fur trend?! This trend was seen up and down almost every runway in sight this fall, with major designers vowing to stay away from the real stuff. But we don’t mind because the evolution of faux fur fashion has us in love with the comfy and luxurious style.

How exactly is the trend done without being overbearing though? Well, we’re here to help with that! One of our favorite faux fur forms is sherpa. It’s definitely one of the most popular pullover/jacket of all time and we can see why. It’s so soft you can pretty much live in it and now you can find it in a variety of great styles which is a huge plus. We pulled an example of a sherpa vest that is perfect for layering with a long sleeve dress or blouse!

Up next, we all know and love leopard print and the fact that it comes in the form of a faux fur jacket makes for a perfect pair. Jackets are a closet staple during these colder months, so why not have one that stands out from the average olive or tan hues? And if you want to go all out with this trend, we suggest going for an amazing oversized shaggy faux fur coat. It’s sure to add some much-needed drama to any outfit and you’ll look absolutely fabulous.

We hope you adore these faux fur styles as much as we do!

Live Love Sassy | Rule the World Leopard Vest $59.95

 A Little Peace of Joy | The Boutique Hub

A Little Peace of Joy || Sherpa Fur Vest $ 40.00 

Blush Out West | The Boutique Hub

Blush Out West || Faux Fur Leopard Coat $68.00

Entourage Clothing | The Boutique Hub

Entourage Clothing || Feeling The Warmth Jacket in Purple

Aunt Lillie Bells || Cafe Pink Jacket $31.99

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Hero Image: Entourage Clothing

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