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3 Ways to Style Over The Knee Boots

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Bootie bootie bootie bootie rocking everywhere..

Over The Knee Boots (OTK) are a trend you should have on your fashion-radar this year!

I am an absolute BOOT JUNKIE. Ankle, mid-calf, flats, heeled, knee-height, OTK, you name it. I am definitely NOT a boot snob and will literally buy boots from any and everywhere if they’re cute!

Last year I decided to move outside my own comfort zone and buy my first ever pair of OTK boots. I then quickly followed it up with two more pairs. Haha. My husband gets SO excited when he sees the UPS guy show up at our door.. 

OTK Boots are great for ALL heights and body types. If you’re on the shorter side, they have a tendency to make your legs look a little longer and add some height. If you’re already tall, they help emphasize the length of your legs.

One thing I quickly learned about myself after buying my first three pairs of OTK boots is that I apparently have freakishly long legs. And I mean.. they’re not really all that super long. Granted, I am on the taller side (5’8″ pre-heels), but when wearing my OTK boots I discovered that my calves are like.. extra long. These OTK boots barely cover my knee caps! And I know it’s just me and not the boots because I’ve had my taller models from Harper & Sky try them on (5’9″ and 5’10”) and they fit just like they’re supposed to!

Ahhh the struggle is real.

But regardless, I love the dang things. You can pretty much style them any number of ways; casual, chic, dressy, trendy, boho.. But to keep it simple, I’ve put together my 3 favorite ways you can rock this trend and style your OTK boots this season!

Sweater + Skinny Jeans

White chunky knit turtleneck sweater with skinny jeans and over the knee boots

You can never go wrong with throwing a big chunky sweater over a pair of skinny jeans. Add a big scarf, vest, or cute bag and you have an instant outfit.

I love this look no matter the shoe; you can pair with flats, ankle boots, or even cute sneakers, but, if you’re wanting to pep it up a bit – maybe you’re having brunch with the girls, a PTA meeting, or maybe you’re going to sneak away for an impromptu date night – then adding OTK boots will give your look a more sophisticated feel.

This look can easily be casual, or you can add accessories to make it more dressed up. It honestly works either way.

Date Night

Dark skinny jeans with black floral top and taupe over the knee boots

If you’re wanting to go for a more classic look, or something a bit more sophisticated or dressy, then I would recommend pairing a blouse (someone tell me I’m not the only person who still uses that word?) with your skinnies and OTKs. I’m obsessed with all clothes that are black, and all things floral; so this combination for me is usually on repeat.

The high neck top gives off that classic vibe (think pairing this with a darker lip shade or a bright red!) and the boots pick up on the lighter tones in the floral shades.

Dress / Skirt

White chunky knit turtleneck sweater paired with cute skirt and taupe over the knee boots

This is my favorite outfit I’m sharing today! A little secret with a good sweater; you can pair it over a dress and make it seem like a skirt (although that’s not what I did here), or you can pair it with a really cute skirt and either tuck it in and blouse it out a bit, or leave over top!

You may recognize this sweater from two pictures ago; I always try to keep some of the same basic pieces for each look because I’m a firm believer that your wardrobe only needs a handful of good staple items, and mixing and matching will give you outfits for days! (Notice I said *needs,* sometimes our wardrobe *wants* other things, too).

This is such a fun look that is so versatile for literally any event: pumpkin patch, event at your childrens’ schools, date night, running errands, work, etc. Plus, it’s perfect those places where the weather is still not too chilly out!

Tips to keep in mind:

  •  If you’re going to tuck your sweater into your skirt and you’re worried that it might get too bunchy in the back, try tucking it into only the front (also known as the Mullet Tuck.. interesting, huh?).
  •  If it’s long and baggier, you could always try knotting it on the front side, but I would only do this if it’s a thinner/lighter material sweater.
  • Yes you CAN wear longer skirts that cover the top of your OTK boots, just make sure that your boots are more form-fitting and slim to your legs. Bulkier/looser fitting boots paired with skirts or dresses run the risk of making your outfit appear more sloppy and not quite as polished. Save the bulkier boots for going over the top of leggings/jeans.
  •  It’s perfectly fine to mix your browns and your blacks together. Whoever listed that as forbidden was clearly wrong. I have almost every shade of brown boot imaginable, and I pair them with all sorts of black clothes: dresses, leggings, black jeans, black sweaters, black hats, you name it, I pair it!

Article by Natasha Funderburk, Natasha Funderburk Life & Style

Natasha is a wife, #boymom, blogger, and owner of the online women’s clothing boutique Harper & Sky, an online boutique dedicated to bringing the best in boho-chic and latest trends to women across the world. When not watching her son play baseball, she can be found on various writing platforms, connecting with like-minded #bossbabes, snacking and binge-drinking coffee, and even conducting living-room dance parties!

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