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3 Hats That Will Transform Your Beach Look

Is your beach look feeling a little incomplete? Well you’re probably missing one of our favorite beach essentials, a stylish yet useful hat! We found our top three favorite hat styles for you to choose from.

Our most loved styles include the baseball cap, floppy hat, and the fedora! Find out more about the our favorite beach hat styles below!


If your more of a sporty girl, a retro baseball cap is the perfect hat for your days in the sun. The embroidered graphic logos are currently one of our favorite baseball cap trends, along with some tye dye of course!

Chloe VS Tank Boutique || Mamacita Hats $35.00

Entourage || What’s Your Destination? $6.00

MOB Fashion || C.C. Tie Dye Trucker Hats $20.00


Looking cute and chic isn’t just for walking the streets! Sporting the fun silhouette of a floppy hat is one of favorite things to do.

SVM Boutique || Coventry Hat in Ivory $ 34.00

Ella Lane Boutique || Floppy Beach Hat $36.00

Thistle And Thorn || Hello Sunshine Sun Hat $19.99


Fedora’s are here to stay, but have come with an update. Adding current trends such as leopard and leather bring the feodora to a whole new level!

Cut Above Boutique || Leopard Love Hat $ 26.00

Harper James Boutique || Natural Straw Hat $22

The Pink Pig || Maddie Straw Hat $21.21

What was hat was your favorite?! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

Want to see some more cute styles like these? Check out our Facebook Group, Shop The Best Boutiques!

We have a whole shopping thread featuring the latest styles!

Hero Image: Thistle & Thorn

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