Must-Have Items For Bohemian Style

Bohemian clothing is universally flattering and can be worn by all ages and body types. It is no wonder that this free-spirited style has stood the test of time. Boho style is rooted in artistic expression, creativity, and counterculturalism. Do you want to create a Boho chic look? The must-have items for Bohemian style are long, flowing dresses, layers, embroidery, vibrant color and patterns, and turquoise jewelry.

Bohemian Dresses

Long and flowing dresses are a quintessential element of Bohemian style. Where did this come from you ask? Originally, the loose-fitting silhouettes were a revolt against corsets. This counter-cultural movement started long before the 1960s. Boho dresses can be made from an eclectic range of patterns and materials; lush floral prints, paisley, and ornamental details that are visually stunning.

Boho Essential: Layers

Kimonos, kaftans, and tunics make the perfect transitional pieces, making this look easy to pull off all year round. Bohemain style is relaxed and comfortable. Here are some of our favorite pieces that will help you achieve that effortless look!

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Bohemian Details: Embroidery

Bohemian style is rooted in creativity and self-expression. The handmade details like embroidery are what make it unique. They say necessity is the mother of invention and that could not be more true for bohemian style. The artists that pioneered the Bohemian style were impoverished. They pieced together clothes and added their own hand-stitched exotic details. Luckily, Bohemian style is much less labor-intensive these days. Check out these boho chic embroidered styles below!

Boho Chic Fringe

The hippy movement brought us sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. And boho-chic fringe bags. As a result, Bohemian style is mainstream fashion now. Our lives will never be the same.

Must-Have Accessory: Turquoise Jewelry

Last, but not least on our list of bohemian perfection is turquoise jewelry. Vintage pieces will set you back a pretty penny. Don’t let that stop you from buying the perfect accessory. There are so many amazing new pieces to choose from on Shop The Best Boutiques. You’ll be sure to find your new favorite!

The Bohemian free-spirited style is an eclectic blend of color, texture, and pattern. Add a little Boho flair to your wardrobe with our must-have items for Bohemian style: a long, flowing dress, layers, embroidery, fringe, and turquoise jewelry.

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