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Western Influencers Doing it Big in 2020

We love all types of fashion here at The Boutique Hub & Shop The Best Boutiques. We’re about celebrating individuality and uniqueness but it’s no secret there’s a special place in our hearts for western fashion and the western influencers doing it big in 2020 .

Founder Ashley Alderson’s roots, of course, are heavily intertwined in the western world! And since western influences continue to become more popular in mainstream fashion we decided to spotlight some of our favorite country style queens!

Ever wonder how some social media influencers got to where they are today? These fashionistas are each killing it in their own, unique ways and we know you’re going to be obsessed with them just as much as we are if you aren’t already!

Marijka Hunsaker (@marijka_dam)

Q: Why do you love western fashion?

A: I love western fashion because there aren’t any rules. I can put prints and styles together that you wouldn’t usually see mixed. I can dress up or I can dress down and the community would support both looks. This industry is so welcoming and inclusive, it includes anyone and I honestly will say that is what I love most about western fashion. It is babes supporting babes!

Q: How did you become an influencer?

A: I became an influencer first by becoming a brand rep, then sharing daily outfit photos, then modeling clothes sent from boutiques and now I do a little of all the above!

Jena Knowles (@jena.knowles)

Q: Why do you love western fashion?

I love western fashion because it’s so diverse. There are a lot of different elements to an outfit that can make it western, and that allows for women to dress in what makes them feel comfortable and beautiful and still be considered “western fashion.”

Q: How did you become an influencer?

I always say I became an influencer by accident. It wasn’t something I was trying to make happen. I think a combination of traveling to rodeos with my husband, as well as modeling for a few big companies kind of Kickstarted that.

Suzie Crooch (@velvetbrumby)

Q: Why do you love western fashion?

Western fashion isn’t what’s “expected’ to be worn by most women so I love standing out and being different. I get to express my true style in a way that feels timeless and chic. When I’m dressed for the west I enjoy rocking a good squash, a fun pair of boots and a felt hat that will turn heads, all of which are great western fashion staples.

Q: How did you become an influencer?

I kind of fell into it actually. I just started posting images of my attire at rodeos and some of my followers seemed to enjoy it (as did I) so I just kept posting and tagging brands and it has grown into a fun little account. It’s definitely a creative outlet for me that is more fun than it is work. I also get to meet and engage with so many wonderful women that have turned into friends. I love it! 

Stephanie Griffey (@courtroomcowgirl)

Q: Why do you love western fashion?

I love western fashion because it represents the western lifestyle – a lifestyle that has shaped my past, my present, and my future. I’m a cowgirl. I live for rodeo, horses and teaching my kids the western way. The western lifestyle is what my family and I love and live. Wearing western “fashion” –whether it’s a pair of muck boots to feed animals or a pair of shined up cowboy boots to a concert – is the most honest version of myself and my life. That’s why I love it.

Q: How did you become an influencer?

My first job out of law school was as a Public Defender. I appeared in court every day. And every day, I paired my professional black or blue suit with cowboy boots, turquoise, fringe, leather jackets or wild rags. Mixing “courtroom” attire and “cowgirl” attire attracted attention from judges, prosecutors, court employees, and clients. My super pointy-toed Stetson boots were an especially hot topic when negotiating deals with the City Prosecutor. I think they scared him. This combination of “courtroom” and “cowgirl” became my thing, my niche. So, I started sharing photos of my western-inspired professional wear on Instagram as “Courtroom Cowgirl.” Since, it has grown into a platform where I share my lifestyle as a mom, lawyer and cowgirl too.

Jessie Jarvis (@mrsjjarv)

Q: Why do you love western fashion?

What I love most about western fashion is the tradition and heritage that it holds. There are very few genres of fashion where the items and styles have a functional purpose before they ever had a fashionable intention. Although the boots and wild rags I’ve worn in my life look far different from the ones my grandma wore in her years (1913-2000), we’re still both considered to be cattlewomen, and that is something that’s very special to me. Western fashion also has a very unique camaraderie among its wearers (compared to other fashion genres), and I’m so thankful I get to be part of such a special community of people. 

Q: How did you become an influencer?

As far as how all this happened, your guess is as good as mine. I never had any intention to become an “influencer”, it just kind of happened that way. When I first created my Instagram account I shared a lot of everyday aspects of my life, which included ranching and western fashion. At that time, there were only a few other girls that had western fashion-centered content, so it was something that people really flocked to. As much as I love sharing my looks, my biggest fashion-related joys come from when I’m able to help people put together an outfit for a big day– such as engagement or family photos, college graduation, or a once in a lifetime vacation. When we look good, we feel good about ourselves, and knowing that I’ve been able to be apart of someone feeling good about themselves is the icing on the cake.

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