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There is so much uncertainty in our world today with the spread of COVID-19. Our hearts go out to everyone who is affected whether it be physically, mentally, economically or somewhere in between. Here at Shop The Best Boutiques and The Boutique Hub we’ve always been about Community Over Competition and the support of small business.


While we know there is no correct answer to combat the uncertainties that we find ourselves in, let’s come together to do what we can for one another in whatever way feels best and most authentic to you!


If you’re fortunate enough to not be stressing right now about where your next paycheck is coming from, why not help our struggling economy and support small business by shopping small?


Now of course, we know sadly a lot of us are wondering how we’re going to feed our families and get through these difficult times so let’s be there for each other in other ways!


Even if it’s as simple as sending a text or calling a loved one to check in on them during these rocky times. 


Let’s spread love and a helping hand wherever we can and together we’ll get through COVID-19!


Are you Supporting Shopping Small?


Download + Share these graphics to spread awareness about the importance of supporting small businesses, especially now!


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In light of our current situation we’d like to share a recent DIY Blog from Hub Member Sweet Texas Treasures on How To Make Your Own COVID-19 Face Mask.


-9″x9″ fabric
-1/4″ elastic (6.5″ strips)
-Featherweight fusible lining (9″x9″)


1. Cut your fusible lining and fabric to 9″x9″.  Iron lining to adhere to fabric (wrong sides together; bumpy side of lining to the wrong side of fabric).


2. Cut elastic at 6.5″ (x 2)


3. About 2″ down from the top of the fabric edge, create a horizontal pleat, press.  About 1/2″ down from that pleat create another, press, then make a third.  Press all three together. At this point our rectangles are about 5.25″x7″

4. Starting in the center of each side, create a rolled hem, vertically from the pleats (about 1/8″ seam allowance or the smallest you can make).  


5. Sew the hem by backstitching about 1/2″ then all the way to the bottom.  I have found it’s best to sew going in the direction of the pleats :). Repeat on other side.


6. At all four corners, sew the elastic on the top edge and bottom edge creating a C shape, backstitch 4-5X to secure the elastic.


7. Create yet another rolled hem to encase the elastic (the smallest seam allowance you can). Repeat on both sides.


*Optional* Create a pleat in the bottom by folding mask at the bottom.  Sew about 1/2″ and backstitch.


8. Clip threads and VOILA!

Let us know if you made one yourself!

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These are not CDC approved but are possibly big enough to cover a real mask.


Additional Items to Consider:


Replace the lining with N95 once it becomes available again!


Add a metal nose guard!


Due to the shortage of masks at this time, CDC has recommended scarves and bandanas.
Any protection is better than nothing!

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