How to Layer Your Necklaces

How To Layer Your Necklaces

Do you have 1,000 necklaces in your jewelry box but literally no idea how to layer or style them? This was me a few years ago until I realized three steps to make every necklace stack work. I promise – this is a foolproof system, even at 6:30am when you can’t even remember your own name! Check out my tips on how to layer your necklaces below!

1. Figure out the neckline of your outfit. Are you wearing a v-neck, high rise, or maybe a sweetheart? The neckline will always determine the length of the longest necklace in your stack. If you want to accentuate your bust in a particular outfit, I would suggest wearing a lariat necklace (a long necklace with no clasp so you can adjust the loop accordingly), whereas if you are trying to “hide” the gals or not draw too much attention, I would recommend shorter necklaces, generally 16 inches or shorter. 

2. I always pick out two to three necklaces. You may be thinking, omg three?! Yes sista! I promise you can rock two or three, it’s all about finding the most compatible so think of different lengths. If I want to wear a lariat necklace, I would also include a choker and a 16 inch necklace to match. It’s all about balancing and thinking about your necklaces as a pyramid. You want to wear one shorter length, one medium, and one longer necklace (if you decide to rock three). And of course, these do not necessarily have to be the lengths I recommended above – you could also make your shortest necklace 16 inches if you want to! But to me, this is the fun part! If I am wearing a dress, my longest necklace may fall at my stomach and so on – it’s all about being creative! 

3. Slay the day with your killer accessories!

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You did it sista!! See it wasn’t that hard – three steps to rocking a necklace stack… check! 

So here’s a wrap up:


  1. Decide what neckline you are wearing.
  2. Pick out two – three necklaces at different lengths.
  3. Rock ‘em, sista!
How to Layer Your Necklaces.

To me, it is so fun to be creative with jewelry and hopefully I have opened your eyes to unique ways to layer those necklaces you have laying around! Now start stacking babes!

Article by Logan McCabe, the owner of Boho Babes Jewels, started her business in 2017 as a junior in college when she saw a gap in the market for trendy and affordable jewelry.  She now attends The University of Alabama to obtain her Master’s in Digital and Social Media Marketing and is excited to help other small businesses after graduation as well as continuing to make women feel beautiful with the perfect accessories!

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