Q & A with Jessie Jarvis, Western Fashion Influencer

Shop The Best Boutiques is asking western fashion influencer Jessie Jarvis all of our need-to-know questions about her style, favorites and much more!

How do you plan and coordinate your outfits for different events and day-to-day?

When it comes to planning outfits, I start by figuring out what will be most appropriate for the occasion. While I love to wear something unique, it’s never my intention to be the first person that people notice when they walk into a room.  

When it comes to my everyday outfits, function trumps fashion. I can be working in my office one minute, and the next minute I’ll get a call that someone needs to be rescued off the desert, or I need to run into town for a part. In a tee and jeans I know I can take on whatever I might face in a day, so I don’t have to worry about taking any time to change my clothes. My favorite tees are basic colors or retro-looking western graphic tees, so that’s what I wear most often.

When it comes to a night out, whether its a date with Justin or out with friends, I always take my outfit up a notch. As someone who ranches and works from home, I don’t get to wear fun stuff very often, so I relish in the opportunity when it presents itself. I usually build an outfit around a single piece, using it as a “foundation” of sorts for everything else. 

What’s your go-to closet staple and what are your must-haves for each season?

A denim jacket is a must-have. Whether you’re someone with western fashion interests or a C-level executive in a sprawling city, a denim jacket can be paired with any other outfit element (dress, tee and jeans, etc.), which makes it the perfect piece of function and fashion. 

As far as seasonal items go:

Spring- Fancy floral top
Summer- Denim shorts and a sandal or wedge
Fall- Rich tones of rust, crimson, or mustard
Winter- A quality long jacket

How do you determine to save vs splurge? What do you save on and what do you splurge on?

When it comes to saves and splurges, I always ask myself, “Is it a trend, or is it a classic?”. In my opinion, there’s no reason to splurge on a trend piece, because the piece itself will last longer than the cool factor will. When it comes to classic pieces, in my mind those are worth spending a bit more on, because I’m going to get my money’s worth. 

Tops, kimonos, swimwear, and athleticwear are usually the item I “save” on most. Jeans, leather footwear, and authentic jewelry are the pieces I’m personally willing to splurge on. When it comes to jewelry, I choose to splurge on authentic leather/silver/turquoise pieces. A girl doesn’t need a jewelry armoire full of spendy pieces, just a handful that she can wear with any outfit and on any occasion. My favorite pieces are my squash blossom, medial alert cuff, custom Outlaw Spirit bangles, and turquoise slab earrings. 

Who’s your favorite designer and why?

Ralph Lauren! I love that he has such an appreciation for the west and Americana heritage, but he still designs red carpet looks for the biggest celebrities. He used to have a line called “Denim & Supply”, and it was my absolute favorite because those pieces always had a western flair and a relatively inexpensive price tag.

What style and cuts do you dress your body type and find fit it best?

I usually follow the 50/50 rule, meaning that if one clothing element is more fitted, then I pair that with something more relaxed. For example, if I wear a fitted shirt, I usually throw that together with a pair of denim trousers. If I want to wear a pair of skinny jeans, I can usually get away with a looser top. 
Jessie Jarvis

I’m a sucker for melding classic old west staples with modern pieces together to create the perfect bit of “modern day western woman”. My favorite outfit is a pair of jeans, a white shirt (tee or button-down), boots or wedges, and a healthy dose of turquoise and silver jewelry. 

Name a few of your favorite boutiques you like to shop.

Your favorite color to wear in your closet and what is one color we will never see you in?

Red is my favorite color, by far. I call it my “power color”! As far as colors I don’t care for, I’m not a fan of orange, unless its a rusty orange. 

Why do you like to shop boutiques? What sets it apart from big chain stores?

The main reason I love shopping boutiques is the customer service aspect. Boutiques are so much more personal, which is a big plus. It’s nice to know that the person that’s helping me is the same person who handpicked all the items in the store—and all of those items tell a story, which in my mind is the whole purpose behind crafting a good outfit.  

How do you prefer to shop? In-store vs Online?

I prefer to shop in-store, but because we live so rural, that isn’t always an option, so I would say that I do 90 percent of my shopping online. For me, shopping is a lot like reading a book. There’s something so special about being able to touch the fabric and see each piece in person (just like turning pages of a book)! 

How has your style evolved over the years?

I think the biggest evolution of my style has to do with confidence. When it comes to the fashionable side of life, I believe that a girl looks the best when she feels the best—and while clothes can definitely aid in that, confidence is the key. I’m not someone who was naturally confident in life, and it’s something I’ve really worked on over the last decade. Once I realized how to love myself and be thankful for what makes me unique, my life truly bloomed. That boost in self-assurance gave me more confidence to wear the things that I loved, or that made me look and feel good! 

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