28 Black Women-Owned Businesses You Can Support Now

28 Black Women-Owned Businesses You Can Support Now

28 Black Women-Owned Businesses You Can Support Now:

Black women are under-represented in the fashion world where they should be represented just as much as anyone else. As a fashion-based platform, we believe women of all shapes and sizes, colors, and ages need to be expressed in the fashion industry because it is meant to cater to each and every one of us. 

We all have the opportunity to create change in a number of ways. There are tons of organizations like Black Visions CollectiveColor of Change, and George Floyd Memorial Fund (or countless other organizations) that you can donate and show your support to but it should not stop there. Continue to speak about race in your home, with friends and family. Continue to educate yourself, here is a list of helpful books. Support black-owned businesses, we have 28 listed below. Continue to be better and do better, we know we will as well.

We should be celebrating and supporting black individuals every single day. The momentum can not stop now. If we continue with implementing these practices we will see a positive change in our future.  

Many of the trends and style approaches we see in mass media come from the black community worldwide but are never recognized as such. That is why it is so important to support black-owned businesses and the creatives who are setting the trends. Continue to support their businesses, whether they are boutiques, restaurants, grocery stores, beauty brands, etc. 

And please take the time to check out these 28 Black Women-Owned Businesses below. 

Willye Leigh Boutique:

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As a Black Woman & Black Business Owner, your silence is a knee on my neck. The last thing on my to-do list right now is to push new products. I’m sorry, but right now our country has bigger problems than you needing to find clothes for your summer vacation or quarantine party. I can’t even fathom the thought of posting about “must have” items, when the ENTIRE world watched a man take his last breaths and cry out for help as someone who’s job is to protect and serve killed him like an animal and wasn’t arrested until days later. Realize that I, my mother, my friends, my family, my customers, and my community face discrimination every day & could be subject to the same brutality at ANY moment? We should all be focusing on “MUST-HAVE” conversations about discrimination and racism in this country and check our hearts. God loves us ALL unconditionally & we need to start doing the same. Your silence as a business owner, customer, friend, and follower of Christ tells me all that I need to know. This store serves and represents women of all demographics, ages, and races & it would be an injustice for this community we’ve created to turn a blind eye. If you can talk about your new outfit, lip-injections, desert bronze tanning, or wish your best friend Happy Birthday 20 times on your Instagram story, you can take the time to use your voice and speak out against brutality and discrimination in this country. And if the big box stores, popular insta boutiques, and small businesses that you support aren’t doing the same, you should really check who you are supporting. BE THE CHANGE

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J.Brooks Boutique:

Edgy Chic Boutique:

Minaa Monroe:

Big Chop Accessories:

Good and Well Boutique:

Cotique Boutique:

Ivy Grace Boutique:

Honey’s Child Boutique:

When and Wear Today:

Katrina Kloset Boutique:

Hello Fashion Boutique:

Hrmny Online Boutique:


Love Ava Boutique:

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Thank you for supporting our business. Xoxo- Tessa

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House of Charlotte Boutique:

Torie Square:

Embracing Charm:

Modern Moon:

Jess 2 Gorgeous:

Giggle Gals Boutique:

St. Cole:


Modern Gypsy Boutique:

Very Ashley:

Sassy & Sweet Boutique:

Cherry Blossom Intimates:

Chunky Armadillo:

Thank you for taking the time to read our article 28 Black Women-Owned Businesses You Can Support Now. Please continue to show your support and love for the black community today and every day. Looking for more ways to help? Follow this link!

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