2020 Best of The West – Vote Now

Voting has ended in this year’s Best of the West, check out the complete list of winners here!

Well, that was INSANE! Last week during Best of the West’s Nomination Round, we received more than 13,000 nominations, which breaks every record we’ve ever had, or ever even could have imagined. You guys clearly love your western retailers, makers, and peers! 

This year we had to break the voting round into three forms:


  • Retailers and Brands
  • Influencers and Athletes, and Photographers and Videographers
  • Makers and Creatives

Voting will run Tuesday, November 24, through Sunday, November 29, where you will select your 10 favorites in each category. You can only vote once in each Typeform. Please be aware that after voting wraps up, we will go in and look for fraudulent voting (fake email addresses, etc), and any fraudulent votes will be thrown out.

2020 Best of The West Final Voting Categories

We limited each business to one category only and as a reminder, here are the descriptions for all our voting categories.

Retailers: These are businesses who retail their products to consumers. Originally this was coined “Boutiques” but due to the large number of nominations that included non-apparel businesses, we felt that Retailer was a better representation of those included.

Brands: These businesses must design their own products, and market those products (either via wholesale, or directly to consumers).

Influencers & Athletes: Those who encourage or inspire others, whether through fashion, lifestyle, or being an all-around representative of the west. Due to the large number of athlete nominations this year, the category name changed to reflect that.

Photographers & Videographers: Must professionally take photos or videos. The bulk of their content/clients must be western-focused.

Makers: Products they offer must be handmade, or individually touched through their craft.

Creatives: A collective category of men and women in business, those who are in specialized fields, or entrepreneurs. This category also includes businesses and western platforms that do not fit in another Best of the West category.

Due to the large volume of nominations, we had to unexpectedly change a few things to make voting an easy, and undaunting task for all of you. There was no possible way to have every single unique nomination included (close to 1500) and we hate that. We’re already working on ways to change that for next year, but for now, this is where we’re at:


  • In order to make it from the nomination round, to the voting round, an individual or business had to be nominated more than once in the same category. Example: Jane Doe owns a boutique. She received one nomination in the Retailer category, and one nomination in the Influencer and Athletes category. Because she was not nominated more than once in the same category, her boutique cannot move forward into the voting round. 


  • One person or business can only be included once. Category placement was determined based on correct business type, and which category they were nominated most. Example: Jane Doe can either be in an Influencer category, Maker category, or Creative category–not all three. If Jane was nominated in three categories, she stayed in the category where she received the most nominations.


  • If we missed a duplicate listing, and they make it into the top 20 of two categories, they will stay in the category where they have the most votes, and taken out of the other category so someone else can take their spot. Example: Jane Doe accidentally made it into Influencers/Athletes, and her boutique made it into Retailers. She was voted as a winner in both categories. She will be considered a winner in the category where she received the most votes, and be bumped out of the other category. 


  • This year, you might notice that hat-based businesses can be found in two different categories—Makers or Brands. If a business builds, makes, OR shapes hats prior to them being sold, we consider them to be a MAKER. If a business wholesales their hat products to other retailers, or has collaborative lines with others, then they are considered a BRAND.

You’re allowed 10 votes in each category and we’ve broken up the categories into 3 forms!


Simply click on each graphic below to vote in the categories you’d like to!


Voting ends this Sunday, November 29th at Midnight CST!

We are so appreciative of all your nominations, and all of your support for the western industry.  Once we tally this round, we’ll share the Top 20 in each category just in time for the National Finals Rodeo, the height of western fashion, on Shop The Best Boutiques and Western Runway!

Feel free to share the voting forms with your community but we do not allow giveaways with the voting process!

Don’t forget, voting ends this Sunday, November 29th at Midnight CST!

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Thank you for supporting independent boutiques, talented makers, unique brands, inspiring creatives and influencers in the western fashion industry!

P.S. We’re already hard at work, planning how we can better next year’s Best of the West!

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Nikki Casey

Nikki Casey is a creative writer and content creator who has spent 10+ years in the fashion industry as a runway and print model working with designers and fashion brands all over the world. Her background in communications and marketing, along with her modeling experience fits perfectly with her role creating and managing content as well as building the Boutique.Style platform as Director of Style at The Boutique Hub.

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