Fall 2021 Fashion Trend Report | Shop The Best Boutiques

Fall 2021 Fashion Trend Report

When we think of fall fashion, we typically think of warm tones, plenty of sweaters, cardigans, and all things #cozyvibes. This upcoming 2021 fall fashion trend lineup is a little bit different this year, and we are loving it. Get ready for bright colors, fun prints, and yes, even sequins. 

Our team spent the last few weeks at Atlanta and Las Vegas tradeshows gathering all the new upcoming trends. We were immersed in the upcoming fashion world and have gathered all the up and coming styles for you to get a head start on. Here are some of the hottest 2021 fall fashion trends to hop on to now! 


Fun Prints 

Groovy 70’s inspired prints were teased by boutiques all summer long on knit dresses and halter tops, but are coming in hot for fall. From swirls to stripes, you are sure to make a statement in these patterns. 

Fall 2021 Fashion Trend Report | Shop The Best Boutiques
Zebra Print Mesh Skirt || Pitaya

Sweater Vests

Ahh yes, the good ol’ sweater vests are making a comeback and they are flooding racks. With fun bright colors and soft knit fabric, it’s only right that these are coming back into style as an upcoming fall 2021 trend. 

Fall 2021 Fashion Trend Report | Shop The Best Boutiques
Georgia Hand Knit Sweater Vest || Shop Beatnik


Though a broad topic, this is a hot one. The beautiful pastel color that usually reminds us of spring, is taking over another season. I mean, how could you not love this color. 

Fall 2021 Fashion Trend Report | Shop The Best Boutiques
Almost Infatuated Dress in Lavender || Shop Hopes

Flare Mom Jeans

We all witnessed the cropped mom jeans phase take over the nation, and now we are seeing another cut of this style take over our Instagram feed. Flared mom jeans are flattering on everybody and will take your outfit to the next level. Pair them with a fitted top and heels and you’ll be the hottest person in the room.

Fall 2021 Fashion Trend Report | Shop The Best Boutiques
U Got Me Jeans || Jack & Georgia


Yes, you read that right. Sequins are making a comeback, baby, and we’re talking full sparkle. Something about a sequin dress just makes a girl happy. No longer a trend solely dedicated to prom dresses, sequins are taking over the fashion game this season.

Fall 2021 Fashion Trend Report | Shop The Best Boutiques
Add That Shimmer Mint Green Sequin Midi Skirt || Red Dress

Midi Everything 

Once upon a time, all you could find were mini skirts, mini dresses, mini everything… Luckily, that’s a thing of the past. Midi skirts are perfect when paired with a graphic tee and sneakers, or can be dressed up with a cute top and heals. We love a versatile queen.

Fall 2021 Fashion Trend Report | Shop The Best Boutiques
Opportunity to Wow Ribbed Two Piece Set || Nanamacs

Cut Outs

Maybe letting your toddler experiment with scissors and your favorite top isn’t such a bad idea after all … kidding. No need to worry about DIY-ing your cutout fashion, this trend is hot right now and we are seeing it everywhere. With just the perfect amount of skin showing, it is the sexy touch you didn’t know your wardrobe needed.

Fall 2021 Fashion Trend Report | Shop The Best Boutiques
My Next Adventure Sage Dress || Silk N Honey Boutique

Saturated Colors

Whoever said saturated colors were a thing of the 90’s, it’s time to wake up! This trend is taking over fall fashion. Designer brands and influencers are raving about these hot color ways. 

Fall 2021 Fashion Trend Report | Shop The Best Boutiques
Girls Night Top || Shop Z's Boutique

Which upcoming fall fashion trend will you be rocking? Let us know on the gram @shopthebestboutiques! We’d love to see what trend was your favorite!

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