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Build your profile and we will take care of the rest. Get reminders based on your profile including upcoming special events, messages from boutiques, and a customized style feed page based on your taste (the best taste there is).


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Search for shops by location, category, type of product and style. Looking for vintage inspired clothing in your own zip code? You got it.



Once you find new shops that you love—add them to your favorites by clicking on the heart. Booyah! You just started your style feed and now you can be sure we will show you more shops and products you are certain to love.



Boom, this is where the magic is. Here you will see your favorite products and boutiques in your personalized style feed along with some featured and recommendations based on your likes.



This is your opportunity to have direct contact with boutiques. Next level communication here, shop mavens. Every time you favorite a shop on Shop The Best Boutiques the owner of that shop does a little happy dance and looks forward to getting to know you and your personal style more.

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Every time you make a purchase from a small shop on Shop The Best Boutiques the owner of that shop does a little happy dance. Seriously.

So make sure to create your free profile to start saving your favorites now and be able to easily come back for more in the future!

Good small business owners will bend over backwards for every customer, because every single customer matters when you’re small.

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Most importantly, here’s to you, for being one of the good guys and supporting business owners who pour their heart and soul into their shops.

You are making a difference and looking damn good along the way.

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