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Summer Sandal Guide

Whether you’re casual and comfy or bold and stylish, the summer sandal guide is here!

Welcome to The Curated Closet!

This is Shop The Best Boutiques’ brand new feature meant to make shopping boutiques around the world that much easier because who doesn’t love shopping when it’s oh so convenient?

So what’s The Curated Closet all about?

Each collection is created by our Director of Style Nikki Casey or a member of the Shop The Best Boutiques team with upcoming seasons, occasions and trends in mind! Every item included in a collection is hand-picked with you, our Shop The Best Boutiques shoppers in mind and features members of The Boutique Hub.

Think categories like “Vacay Essentials” or “Weekend Vibes”.

It’s a whole mood and we couldn’t be more excited.

How else can you use The Curated Closet?

Not looking for anything specific or ready to make a purchase just yet? What’s great about all of these products featured is that you can “star” any of your favorites and automatically save them to your personalized Style Feed! That way when you’re ready to come back to something, it’s all right there waiting for you!

It’s like your own personal mood board that you can shop directly from when you want to! Yes please!

And when you’re saving to your personal Style Feed you’re not only keeping all of those products in one easy to find place, you can also easily discover new boutiques you love and be updated with their newest arrivals to keep your own closet looking good!

How can you get involved?

Do you have any requests for future collections? Maybe a specific event you know you have coming up and want some killer options for? Let us know!

Shop The Best Boutiques is a community and your opinion matters to us! So just shoot us an email at [email protected] and let us know what you’d like to see!

What can you expect coming up from The Curated Closet?

But wait, there’s more! Keep your eyes peeled for hand-picked collections from your favorite influencers in the future! Wish you could shop right out of a certain fashionista’s closet? Just wait, she’ll be picking her must-haves for you to browse soon.

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Southern Fried Glam 

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