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2018 Trend Forecast: Denim, Denim, Denim

There’s no doubt that 2018 is full of some fabulous trends. So far we’ve dove into the Styles and Accessories, and Colors and Patterns that are going to be popular across all style genres. Today, we’re here to talk about the latest and greatest trends that you’ll be seeing this year in, specifically in Denim.

Why an entire post dedicated to Denim? Denim has been around for centuries and is a staple piece in almost any person’s closet. Unlike other clothing, Denim has numerous styles and options—denim shorts, denim jeans, denim shirts…you get the drift! Denim is also extremely versatile for fashionistas of all kinds. For those whose personal style is cutting edge, denim is an easy way to rock a straight-off-the-runway look. The same applies to those of us who maybe aren’t so bold with our fashion choices. Throw on a trendy little piece of denim, and you’ve instantly, and effortlessly, upped your fashion game.

Due to its versatility and numerous styles, Denim always has a number of different trends that are popular throughout the year. As always, this year’s trends include different styles, washes, and blends, so we wanted to make sure you got the lowdown on each one! Here are six of the most popular denim trends, all of which we absolutely love!

Darlin and Divine | The Boutique Hub Dark Denim
We are so excited about dark denim being a 2018 trend, because it’s one of the few washes that is super flattering, and perfect for almost every occasion! Everyone needs a park of dark denim jeans in their favorite fit, because they really are a piece you can’t live without. Dark denim is the perfect way to create a denim-on-denim outfit—pair some dark washed denim jeans with your favorite light-wash, denim jacket (another 2018 denim trend).

Show Me Your MuMu | The Boutique HubWide-Leg Denim
We love the retro/classic feel of this denim trend! Often referred to as a “trouser”, wide-leg jeans are super comfortable and extremely versatile; making them perfect for a morning brunch, business meeting, or night on the town. Try them with a pair of Converse for a super-trendy, yet casual vibe, or dress them up with your favorite pair of wedges or snip toe boots!

Shawna Leeann | The Boutique HubCropped Denim
Cropped denim has become the new staple in our closets. Whether you love the cropped wide-leg (double the trend, double the fun) or a cropped skinny with a frayed hem, they look superb year-round! For the warmer months pair your favorite cropped denim with a platform sandal and for the colder weather, a cute bootie! Another positive to this jean trend, your favorite footwear will never go unnoticed!

Savior Faire | The Boutique HubEmbellished Denim
What’s better than your favorite jeans? Your favorite jeans with a little bit of extra! Don’t worry, this isn’t the blingy back pocket trend you’re probably envisioning. We are seeing lots of crystal and pearl embellishments on jeans and we’ll be honest, we love it! This trend is an easy way to let your denim do the talking. A pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, strategically littered with pearls, and a graphic tee makes for the perfect, eye-catching, effortless outfit!

Kut From the Kloth | The Boutique HubOld School (100% Cotton)
Old school jeans are definitely making their comeback. Last year we saw an increase in high-waisted, “Mom Jeans”, with all the vintage feels. This year, “Mom Jeans” are still trendy, but it’s all about the blend. Denim that’s 100% cotton is FINALLY back in style, and as you can probably tell, we are over the moon about it! Thicker blends tend to be more durable, last longer, and give off a casual vibe that’s reminiscent of your Dad’s worn-in, weekend wear.

Kristen Rose Davis | The Boutique HubOversized Denim Jackets
As we eluded to earlier, denim jackets are making a comeback. But not just any denim jacket…the OVERSIZED denim jacket. Why? Casual is king, and nothing screams casual more than a faded, denim jacket that looks like it might have come out of your significant other’s closet. On the plus side, denim also offers quite a bit of warmth, making them a perfect grab-and-go piece for Spring and Fall!

Which one of these denim trends are your favorite and how have you incorporated your personal style with these denim trends?! Let us know in the comments below!

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