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2018 Trend Forecast: Colors and Patterns

Last week we debuted the first of our three-part 2018 Trend Forecast, focusing on the styles and accessories that are expected to be popular this calendar year.

This week, we’re breaking down the colors and patterns you’ll be seeing a lot of, not just now, but all the way into the Fall/Winter season. Most of these have been around, but they’re definitely gaining in popularity and will be stealing the spotlight this year. If you already own a couple, then you’re on track to be ahead of the fashion curve this year. If not, you have nothing to worry about— these will be so prevalent at your favorite boutiques, that you’ll have a style (or four) in each color and pattern in no time!

So let’s get right to it! 

Le Boutique Shop | The Boutique Hub Ultra Violet
In short, Ultra Violet is going to be “Ultra” popular this year. This hue was selected as the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year, and it’s already making waves this early in the season. We’re big fans of this color because it’s something that looks good on all skin types, sizes, and can easily be worn as a solid, or mixed into any kind of pattern or print without looking forced.

Southern Fried Chics | The Boutique HubPastels
Typically reserved for Spring, pastels are light, airy, and naturally make us think of baby chicks and chocolate bunny rabbits. However, this year you’re going to see pastels on store shelves long past Easter weekend. We are really looking forward to this, because pastels serve as the perfect shade when wanting to color-block with darker hues, and seamlessly coordinate with their darker counterparts.

Tamga Designs | The Boutique HubPaisley
Go ahead and call up yo’ Momma to let her know that her favorite childhood print, paisley, is making a big comeback. This teardrop-shaped design has been around for centuries (developed in the 1700’s), but became most popular in the 1960’s, and is still often associated with a hippie-vibe. We definitely foresee this paisley to replace the popularity of last year’s wide-ranging floral patterns.

Show Me Your MuMu | The Boutique HubTropical Prints
Banana leaves, anyone?! Tropical prints have always had a moment during Spring, when floral prints are in high demand; but in 2018, chances are these foliage patterns will be trending all year long. Does this mean Hawaiian shirts and puka shell necklaces are coming back into style? Probably not. Instead, look for palm and fig leaf prints, littered with bright colors such as pinks, blues, purples, and of course, greens.

Buddy Love | The Boutique HubSnakeskin
As always, there’s always one animal print who takes the spotlight, and this year the snakes are having it. Expect to see this reptile pattern in both traditional colors (whites, browns, blacks), and some not-so-realistic hues (pinks, purples, blues). If you’re wanting to dip your toe into the snakeskin waters, but aren’t ready to fully commit, we suggest you slither into a snakeskin bootie, or don some serpentine-inspired accessories, like a handbag or stack of wide cuffs.

Isabelle's Cabinet | The Boutique HubStars
It won’t take much for a girl to see stars this year, and we don’t hate it! Normally reserved for the nighttime sky, these astronomy shapes are trending in 2018, especially in bohemian and West Coast-inspired styles. So far this year we’ve seen star-studded accents on boots and belts, patterned on tops, and stitched into denim (as shown above).

We are so excited about all of these colors and patterns, but of course, we have our favorites! We’ll tell you ours if you tell us yours in the comments below!

Ashley-Snakeskin! Give me all the snakeskin!! 

Jessie-Paisley! Paisley has always been a staple in western fashion, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of this pattern and being able to mix in some more contemporary paisley pieces in with my normal western vibes.

Meredith– Tropical prints! I love the boho-vibe they give off! I’m excited to incorporate them with some vintage pieces. 

Stay tuned for next week, where we’ll be focusing solely on the Denim Trends expected to take 2018 by storm! Until then, have a fashionable week, babes!

Cover Photo Credit: Tribe West Boutique

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