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2018 Trend Forecast: Styles and Accessories

A new year means new trending styles, and we’re going to be downright honest—2018 has some pretty unreal stuff up its fashionable bell sleeve. As always, The Boutique Hub is committed to being at the forefront of fashion news, so we’re pulling out the big guns to bring you what’s on the fashion horizon for the upcoming year.

There are so many trends, in fact, that we’re breaking them up into three weeks of coverage, starting right here and now. Today, we’re breaking down Styles and Accessories you’ll be seeing a lot of, throughout 2018. Some of these might already be on your radar, while some of these may not make it into your closet until this fall. We’ll be honest, some of these styles and accessories aren’t up our personal style alley, but certainly, we can all agree the best part of fashion is that we each have our own unique fashion interests and likes.

Get ready to sit back and enjoy part one of three, in our 2018 Trend Forecast!

High-Low/Long LayersBeyourself Boutique | The Boutique Hub

No better look than the layered look! Add some interest and extra warmth with layers. Mixing prints and fabrics of different lengths will keep your outfit far from one noted! Want a quick fix? Grab a top that’s got a high-low hemline, for an easy, yet dramatic effect!

Side Slits

Luxe Boutique | The Boutique Hub

Side slits, another simple way to add some extra drama, especially for those warmer months! Pair a long tunic with side slits along with some dark skinnies for a perfect on-the-go look!

Trench Coats

Modern Society | The Boutique Hub

A piece you can keep in your closet forever—the classic trench coat. Definitely a piece that can dress up any outfit. Neutrals are always a great choice, but don’t be afraid to try a trench coat with a pop of color! Muted yellow, pinks, and blues are the way to go!

Beret Hats and Baseball Caps
Hannah Hogner | The Boutique HubIf you’ve been following any models lately, you’ve definitely seen this trend! Beret hats and cadet caps are the next go-to hat, and we know you can rock it! If you aren’t ready for this trend, don’t fret, baseball caps are also making a fashionable, non-casual return!

Statement Earrings
Stella Dot | The Boutique Hub

Statement earrings are always must, and the possibilities are endless! If you’re feeling vibrant, why not throw on some colorful pom-pom earrings to make your outfit unique?! If you need a safer option, there’s always the classic hoop, they look fabulous with every outfit!

Embellishments (Shoes and Jeans)Marzio | The Boutique HubWho doesn’t love a little sparkle? Or maybe LOTS of sparkles!? Embellishments on jeans, booties, and sneakers will be extra popular this year!

Band Jackets/Military Blazers

Rowe Boutique | The Boutique HubLove to layer? A band jacket or military blazer is a needed staple piece. Wear them all year long mixing them with every season’s style!

Ok, we’re dying to know…which trend is your favorite?! We’ve all got ours listed below!

Meredith- Statement earrings are always my go to! I can’t leave my house without a pair of drama earrings, that’s the only way my outfit feels complete. I absolutely love western inspired earrings, with lots of turquoise and silver! And for more casual days I’ll go with some large gold hoops!

Jessie- I pick Military Blazers! I’ve been dying to add one to my closet for a long time, and I recently found the perfect one! I plan on pairing it with a basic tee and distressed denim jeans or shorts. Such an easy way to kick my go-to casual look, up a notch!

Ashley- I love high-low layers! As a Mom, I’m all about functional fashion, and a high-low top adds enough drama, without being cumbersome! Plus they can be easily worn with anything else in my closet, which is always a win!

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Cover Photo Credit: Hannah Hogner, taken by Tyler Bicknell Photography.

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